Working mothers: Light at the end of the jobhunting tunnel

May 29th, 2013by admin

Working motherFinding a job and still being able to raise their children is a struggle 80% of all mothers with minor children have to face in the UK. While some mothers still believe in the illusion of finding a part-time office job with flexible working times and well-paid loans, others have already discovered their light at the end of the jobhunting tunnel: Freelance Writing Jobs

One main benefit of freelance work is indeed the flexibility. You like to work at night? Do so! You need to pick your children up from kindergarden? Do so! You are your own boss and can therefore work at the times that are most convenient for you. Nobody requires you to commute to an office, to worry about any traffic jams or late running trains. Furthermore, you alone are in control of your workload as you can turn away or take on work as you want to. You have the freedom to choose your clients and projects and have all the autonomy to operate on your own terms.

Working as a freelance writer may open up new possibilities to improve yourself and your skills. Just to mention some examples, you can exhibit your talent in writing technical texts, PR articles, scientific manuscripts, speeches, corporate books, biographies and fiction literature. In almost every branch, there is a large demand for professionally produced texts.

But which branch should you go for?

Basically, freelance writers can be divided into 3 large groups:

The first group would consist of freelancers who publish their writing in their own name to improve their reputation. Usually, these writers work as book authors or journalists for different magazines and newspapers.

Other freelance writers like to create different screen names or even fantasy personalities to express their opinions and feelings. Very often, their articles are extremely personal and emotional, which is why they often hide their real identities. Mostly, their writing can be found in magazines or blogs.

The third group would be the ghostwriters, who secretly write for politicians, singers, companies, but also professors, doctoral candidates and students. These freelancers often work for different writing agencies and platforms.

How can you find such a job?

One option for many freelancers would be large platforms like or Although many jobs can be found in these platforms, they are mostly low-paid and project-based. One other option would be to turn to professional writing agencies. Usually, they receive many large orders and you can choose one you would like to work on. But beware of scam sites! They can usually be identified only by looking through the website. If the site looks rather spammy, the agency promises their clients to be able to write 200 pages in two days and the site is all about the price, you can guess how the quality of their work is and how you will be treated. But if a site is long-established, with a good reputation and the main goal to offer high quality writing with fair prices and native writers, you can be sure to be treated appropriately and receive reasonable payment. One example for a high-quality agency is GWriters UK.



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