Work Examiner for Monitoring Children

January 15th, 2014by admin

Boy at computerAs many people know we live in a world that is growing in technology each and everyday. Although we know that technology such as the internet, iPhones, tablets, etc. have their benefits, they also have disadvantages as well. One of many of those disadvantages would be the fact that our youth nowadays can spend far too much time surfing the web and viewing sites that they should not rather than focusing more on their education.

For this very reason, there are many software programs available online that help parents take control over the sites that their kids view and how often they view these sites. The software is also meant to modify what sites they are allow to visit on the internet. One such software that is a cut above the rest is called WorkExaminer. This software has many easy to use features that even a computer novice will have no problems quickly learning.

Some of the great things that this software will allow you to do include:

  • Timing the web usage
  • Restricted website alerts
  • The type of sites that are visited
  • Blocking certain content
  • Web reports

These features are just enough to protect your kids from going over their limits with the use of the internet. Many people like that they receive messages if their child is trying to visit websites that they are not supposed to be visiting. Knowing this will put a parent’s mind at ease.

At the end of the week or month you can have a report chart which shows you the sites that have been visited. It will also show the sites that have been blocked; and if there was an attempt to visit them. Feel free to check out the website here for more information:



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