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Why Thumb Guards Save You Money

September 20th, 2013by admin

Boy at dentistStudies show that children tend to turn to thumb sucking as a nervous disposition, something to take their mind off of a situation that they do not like – they could be scared, uncomfortable, embarrassed, or even just tried! The motion of thumb sucking reminds children of breast feeding and this is why they keep doing it past a certain acceptable age.

Different Solutions

You can try many different solutions – bandages, dental braces – but at the end of the day, most children don’t like to try these solutions and it can become more of a battle. As many children struggle to break the habbit, at the end of the day it can cost you a lot of time and money in the long-term if you cannot get your child to stop sucking their thumb.

If you are looking for an easy and cheap solution, thumb guards are your answer. Thumb guards are simple and comfortable to wear items that go over your thumb, a little bit like a thimble, and it makes you stop wanting to suck your thumb as it does not taste particularly nice! They are extremely cost-effective solutions, and save you from having to deal with a series of expensive remedies down the line when it gets worse.

By sucking your thumb, you can really cause yourself quite a problem. For example, it can cause problems with your teeth as you can move them out of place or the constant sucking motions can also cause dental issues. This means you will need braces or quite heavy dental surgery to try and fix the damage that thumb sucking will do.

Other Things to Consider

Another thing to consider is the mental issues caused by thumb sucking. Thumb sucking is for babies, and past a few years old, you will really need to drop the habit. It’s an extremely embarrassing habit and it can cause much derision if ever done in public, like falling asleep on the bus.

However, you can cause friction between you and your child if you try and make them stop too early. Past the age of three, most children can comprehend the reasoning as to why they must stop – the same as with cuddly bears, they realize they need to let go at one point. You should try and stop it when adult teeth start coming in, which can happen very young.

Sucking your thumb gives a child a sense of love and closeness, but as they grow older, they can make themselves feel a bit better by doing different things and can find other forms of emotional fulfillment. There are many other ways to relieve yourself of nerves of stress, and helping your child get out of the habit in their early years is very important.

However, it’s vital that you can find a viable solution. If you try and find the right option to stop the rot and stop your child damaging their teeth, consider a thumb guard – a thumb guard costs very little money and offers a very valuable option to stop an embarrassing problem.

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