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Why Hire a Lactation Consultant

March 3rd, 2014by admin

Lactation ConsultantAre you having problems breastfeeding your baby? Then, you should not worry anymore because you can get assistance by hiring a lactation consultant who has the ability to assist you. A certified lactation consultant will have the proper knowledge and skills on how to work with mothers and babies, to ensure that the breastfeeding process goes on well for the good of both the baby and the mother.

Here are some of the benefits you will get by working with a lactation consultant.

Get breastfeeding guidelines

One of the greatest benefit you will get is that you will be assisted will all your concerns on breastfeeding. Some of the issues you will be helped to deal with include clogged ducts, breast infections, advice on how to boost milk production and the treatment options available. You will have all your questions answered, meaning that the consultant will act as a perfect guide in your breast feeding.

Diagnosis of any breast infections

With many years of experience and qualifications, a lactation consultant will show you the greatest latch on or positioning techniques that will help get rid of any physical discomfort you may be experiencing in the process. The good thing is that the lactation consultant will help in diagnosis any signs of breast infections and give the proper recommendations. For example, if you experience symptoms such as redness, pain or any flu related symptoms, you may be diagnosed with mastitis and provide you with a warm compress, medication for pain and others assistance as may deem appropriate. In overall, if you suffer from any kind of breast infection, you will be given the right recommendations on how best the problem should be treated.

Weaning advisory service

You will be provided with both specific and general information on breastfeeding and also on how to wean the baby successfully when the baby attains the age to stop breastfeeding. Note that many mothers face challenges handling their baby during this period. However, with the advice you get, you will be in a better position to wean your baby effectively without causing her stress. Many mothers also fail to recognize signs that their babies require food. Thus, you will get knowledge on how to best signs that your baby is rooting or ready to eat in order to respond effectively to the hunger cues of the baby.

How to boost your milk production

Do you face low milk supply to the extent that your baby is never satisfied? This is a problem that our lactation consultant will help you resolve effectively. You will be advised on the best practices to boost your milk production by having frequent breastfeeding, how to eliminate pacifiers and recommend fenugreek and other galactogogues that will help increase your milk supply.

Therefore, the services of a consultant will be basic to your breastfeeding success. By hiring one from us and following all the recommendations and advice given, you will get the support you require and deal with any issue with confidence, knowledge and strength for the good of the baby and your health.

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