What To Do When Your Child Is Angry?

April 24th, 2009by admin

What to do when your child is angry?

Dealing with angry children is no picnic for parents or teachers. It’s not a whole lot of fun for the angry child, either. There is really no point in blaming the child for being angry. There is almost always an underlying cause of every child’s anger, and it is the responsibility of the adults in his world to uncover that cause and “fix” it if it can be fixed.

First, anger is a natural emotion that isn’t “evil.” People get angry about all kinds of things. A lot of words that sound better are often used — irritated, indignant, “hot under the collar,” annoyed, etc. All of those terms sound more civilized that “angry,” but they all basically mean the same thing.

Sometimes children have a difficult time explaining their anger. An adult can say that it made him angry when somebody cut him off in traffic, but a child might not be able to identify a specific incident. Maybe he is being bullied at school and he feels like it is his fault. That feeling of being responsible for something completely out of his control makes him seem angry.

Sometimes what appears to be an angry child is actually a frustrated child or a child who is having a physical problem.

It turned out that one “angry” child I recently saw was simply having a vision problem. He couldn’t read what he couldn’t see. Because he was a CHILD, he didn’t realize that he had a vision problem. An optometrist was able to resolve the child’s anger issues.

Children can suffer with allergies that can affect their mood and their sense of well-being. Sometimes anger issues can be solved with a trip to an allergist.

There is always a reason a child is angry. They aren’t just “angry” without cause. Find the cause of the anger, fix it, and the anger will resolve itself.

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