What Are Your Kids Really Looking At Online?

October 25th, 2013by admin

Child on PCHow many of you really monitor your kids online? I’m not talking about putting on the pop up blockers or turning on the parental controls. I mean really supervising what your kids are looking at.

Many parents let the machines do the work from them. Truth is a computer is just that. There are always sites that seem harmless and may pass parental controls or it may be a site where predators can access your kids through a harmless forum. As a parent, you have to be vigilant about protecting your kids online. Even if they are on the edge of adulthood, you still need to make sure that they aren’t meeting the wrong people online or looking at things that aren’t age appropriate.

As parent, we could only hope that our kids are using the internet just for educational purposes and to do research for reports, but that’s not the case. Our kids are googling all sorts of topics, on social media, visiting chat rooms and other places that can be trouble if left unattended. So where exactly are your kids spending online? Did you know that the average age of exposure to pornography online is 11 or that 90% of kids age 8-16 have viewed porn online (most while doing their homework)? Those statistics are scary. Your kids may be looking at what you didn’t expect them to online.

A survey conducted by Piper Jaffray showed that about 33% of teens are on Facebook, 30% are Twitter, and 17% are on Instagram. These are widely used social media networks primarily with adults which means teens are putting themselves out there without thinking about who may be reading or watching their every move. These sites may let kids communicate with their peers but it also has them communicating with strangers as well.

Teen Life published an article with the ten sites that you should block your teen from. Some of those sites included pro-anorexia sites, cyberbullying sites, chat rooms, addicting games, and You Tube. The shocker is that Facebook made both lists. There are a lot of concerns for a parent whose children and teens access these social media sites. They could be bullied, hacked or tarnish their online reputation.

So what are your kids looking at online? Have you looked at their history lately or checked their phone browser? Now may be the time to check up to make sure that they aren’t being exposed to these threats while they are online. Using a parental control software can not only help monitor the time they are online, but what they are doing there as well. It’s not just protecting kids from outside threats; it’s about protecting them from themselves as well. They could be doing things that may affect their future or put them in harm’s way. Internet can be an important learning tool or a threat. It’s your job as a parent to make sure that your kids are safe online.


About the author:

This articles was written by John Lee. John is a software expert who regularly contributes to Phone Sheriff, a parental control software that helps parents keep their kids safe online.


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