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What are Flu Symptoms in Kids?

February 22nd, 2013by admin

Asian girl sneezing in a handkerchiefHaving a child is a gift from God, and it’s very important to take good care of them. Parents should guide their children while growing up. A child’s parent or caregiver should give more attention on their health. Kids are more exposed to and with high risk of getting flu or any illness because their immune system is not fully developed. Usually, flu is acquired by children during called weather. To avoid your kids from heaving flu or any illness, it is best that you know the flu symptoms in kids.

High fever is one of the causes of flu. If your child has a fever that lasts for a number of days, you should get worried because it is unusual for kids to have a fever. You need to immediately bring them to your physician and have them examined. In infants, symptoms of flu are difficult to determine. To avoid a baby from having ill, it is best that the mother should feed her baby in time and do not let get them cold. Always check if the baby is wet from urine or from sweat, and always put a powder on his back to keep the child dry.

To younger children, symptoms of flu are headache, dry cough and sore throat. Younger children are exposed to illness due to their foods and drink intake. The importance of supervising the child growing up is one of the best way to avoid them from getting ill. The health inside the family members is also one factor that can affect the kids health. If one of the family member has a cough or cold avoid them to get near the baby, as said a while ago children’s immune system are weak because it is not fully developed.

Getting easily tired and having difficulty to breath is also one of the flu symptoms in kids. Kids between the ages of 3 and 5 normally play a lot. When they are playing, their body has high energy consumption and they tend to get wet because of sweat. Always change your kid’s clothes after playing to avoid them from having flu. Sometimes, the cause of the kid’s breathing difficulty is their poor respiratory system. You need to seek medical attention for your kid to prevent him from suffering asthma or bronchitis.

Headaches, cold, fever and cough are the usual flu symptoms in kids. This kind of aches and pains that the children are undergoing can be relieved at home. Let your child rest in bed and give them medicine prescribed by their physician. Flu can lead to severe illness pneumonia. This type of disease can lead to death. Have your baby a scheduled immunization program, It is needed that they have anti flu vaccines while they are not yet exposed to any factor that may cause flu symptoms. Feed your baby’s the right food their body needed to help their immune system fight diseases. Parents and caregivers should know the right food that the children can eat according to their age. Being healthy is the number one prevention from flu.


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