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Ways To Prevent Your Child From Becoming Obese

March 18th, 2014by admin

Kid on SwingObesity in children is becoming an issue of concern to many parents everywhere. Children with obesity are most likely to experience dangerous diseases such as heart diseases. and diabetes in later life.

There are a number of reasons why children become obese.These are some of the

-Genetic factors ;
-Lack of physical Exercises;
-Unhealthy eating habits;
– Medical conditions such as hormonal problem;

How to prevent your children from getting obese

There are a number of things that parents can do to prevent obesity in their children. They include:

-Parents must learn to respect their children’s appetite. When a child says he /she has had enough, don’t force him /her to finish everything on the plate. This applies to beverages too.

– Always provide your children with a healthy, balanced diet , with lots of fruits and vegetables . You should also cut down on food that contains bad fats .

– Pre- prepared foods must be avoided at all costs as well as foods with added sugar.

– Ensure that the food your children eat contain enough fiber.

-If you decide to reward your children for completion of meals , do not give them sweet desserts.

– Reduce the amount of high calorie foods kept at home.

-From the age of around 2 years , replace whole milk with semi-skimmed milk

-Get your children involved in family physical activities such as swimming,walking, and other outdoor games . Pre-school and primary school children should ideally do 3 hours of exercise daily . Children who fall between 5 -18 years are encouraged to do an hour to several hours a day of moderate to strenuous physical exercises.

– Keep on encouraging your children to always participate in physical play.

– Limit television watching and reduce the time spent in playing video games. This ensures that your children do not have long inactive hours.

– Develop a habit of reserving some hours in your weekends engage in some form of physical exercise as family.

How to check for obesity in your child

– You can take your child to a doctor to have his weight checked and the doctor will determine whether the child’s BMI is appropriate for his age and height.

These are some of the ways of how to prevent your children from becoming obese. If you are caring parent do try to follow the tips that have been outlined here and you may just save your child from becoming obese, It is good to know how your child is feeding while in school or on a long visit to your relatives and maybe your friends. This is because he could be consuming foods which may increase his chances of becoming obese.


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