Water Birth – The ideal way to give birth?

August 29th, 2013by admin

water birthFor many first time mums the decision to have a home birth or not can be daunting. Many potential mothers feel reassured by being in the presence of multiple medical professionals; the option of stronger painkillers such as epidurals can also be a key reason.

However, if you choose to give birth at home then a water birth has many of its own benefits.

The relaxing effect of the warmth of the water in a birthing pool can help you through your labour. Some people hospitals can cause the mother to feel tense, which may cause your contractions to lose their rhythm and your labour to start and stop, making the process longer. Choosing to give birth in water is likely to help you go with your contractions into an active labour, making it less stressful for both you and your baby. The relaxation of the water can also help with your breathing, allowing you to breath calmly and help make the pain of contractions less painful. You know how you would take a warm bath if you had a bad tummy ache? The warm water can have the same effect during labour, making it easier to cope with the pain of your contractions.

It has also been documented that the calming effects of a birthing pool can help your body produce more of the labour hormone oxytocin and less stress inducing adrenaline meaning that your contractions become more regular. Your body may also produce more endorphins from being in a familiar environment, which can help you cope better with your contractions. On top of this the birthing pool can help creative an instinctive ‘nesting’ feeling which can further relax you, the diming of lights and being in a quiet room can help support this sensation.

It can be difficult to get into a position which is comfortable for you when giving birth at a hospital, however, during a water birth, the water can make you feel lighter and you are given more range of movement because of this. It is likely that if you are comfortable then this is the best position for your baby, so it is important to find the position that is best for you.

It is a common misconception that to give birth at home means that you will be on your own, this is not further from the truth. Hospital guidelines state that you should not be left alone whilst you are in a birthing pool, meaning that either your midwife or partner will be with you at all times.

At Made in Water, we insure that all our La Bassine birthing pools are made up of the strongest material on the market so you do not have to be worried about your environment and can focus on your labour instead. The transparent sides mean that your midwife has clear visibility at all times, giving you further reassurance and the handles on the side of the pool help assist you when moving position or to help you feel more grounding when pushing.

Wherever you decided to give birth you must make sure it is the right choice for you. Always go with what makes you feel the most comfortable.


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