Unusual Pregnancy Symptoms That You May Experience

February 2nd, 2012by admin

Unusual Pregnancy SymptomsThere are some very well know pregnancy symptoms such as missed period, tiredness and morning sickness, which affect a high percentage of pregnant women. Whilst a lot of emphasis is placed on these symptoms by the popular media we don’t often get to hear of other symptoms that are commonly experienced by pregnant women at different times during their pregnancy.

Loss of balance

When you are pregnant your centre of gravity switches. This may cause you to be a little more unsteady on your feet. Being aware of this means that you can do your best to counteract it and stay on your feet!


Hypertension is pregnancy induced high blood pressure. It affects approximately 6% of all pregnant women and can be very serious. Symptoms include blurry vision, facial swelling and intense headaches. If you experience these symptoms then you should contact a doctor.


Many women experience nasal congestion at some point during their pregnancy. When you are pregnant your body produces high amounts of estrogen which in turn causes more mucous to be made and the nose lining to expand. Some women feel like they have a permanent ‘cold’ during their term.

Hair Growth

One thing that many pregnant women are not expecting is intensified hair growth. Many report a sudden appearance of dark and thick hair in all sorts of strange places such as the lower back, neck, breasts and face. Your high hormone levels can be thanked for this sudden hairy onslaught!


Varicose veins are inflamed veins on your legs that appear raised, soft and of a blue colour. Generally this is a genetic condition that will only affect those parents or other family members have suffered with it. Sit with your legs uncrossed and in a raised position whenever you can!

This article was written by Sam Smith. Sam enjoys writing about parenting and pregnancy. She has a special interest in usual pregnancy symptoms and cravings.

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