Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June 13th, 2011by admin

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Unique Father’s Day Gift IdeasIf you’re on the lookout for some amazing and unique Father’s Day gift ideas, your dad should be really proud of you. It shows just how much you care about him, and a cool and personalized gift you can craft at home is surely a sign of great dad-son or dad-daughter love.

You know your dad is one of a kind, so you’re struggling real hard to find the perfect and unique Father’s Day gift ideas you can put into practice, right? Well, that’s really great and your dad is definitely going to appreciate it a lot. To help you out, here are some unique Father’s Day gift ideas you could take for a spin.

The first one is a faux tape measure which is really easy to create, but which also has the ability to leave your dad with a little tear in his eye. All you need is some sort of rectangular box, a tape, scissors, a yellow card stock, black paper, aluminum foil and a marker. Attentively cut the rectangular box in half across its middle, then cut off half of the bottom section at a diagonal and tape one end of a 1- by 12-inch strip of yellow card stock (or pick your dad’s favorite color) to the edge of the top half of the box.

Then you have to easily slide the bottom of the box into the top of the box, then fold a 2-1/2- by 6-inch piece of aluminum foil into thirds lengthwise and fold the foil into a flat tab about half of inch long. Tape this to the strip, then make sure you’re creative and write a cool Father’s Day message on the strip. Then it’s time to add some ruler markings and push it inside the box. Use the black paper to wrap the box with it and leave some space for the tape opening. Glue another piece of yellow card stock to the box and write something like “Tape Measure” on it.

You can write something like “You rule, Dad!” or “My dad is really going the distance!” He’ll be so proud of you!

Other unique Father’s Day gift ideas may refer to some cool homemade greeting cards. You can give them the shapes and colors you or your dad loves, you can write all sorts of funny stuff on them and make your dad appreciate your gift even more.

Your dad is also going to love your unique Father’s Day gift ideas such as a chore card (which can be shaped like a flower pot with faux flower that come out of it). Create it, write down stuff such as “I will set the table” or “I will take out the trash” and give it to your father. Then use it all year long – just extract a flower (or maybe create a tool box the same way) and do your chores.

You can always buy him a tie, but when it comes to unique Father’s Day gift idea, those gifts that are homemade always beat the charts.

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