Training Your Child for an Auto Emergency

November 17th, 2011by admin

Training Your Child for an Auto EmergencyThere is a car accident and Mom is unconscious. What’s a kid supposed to do? It sounds like a worse-case scenario, but many children wouldn’t know what to do. Don’t wait for an emergency to come up, inform your children now.

Scenario One: Auto accident, unconscious parent.

Tell your child that if you are ever in an accidentand they can’t wake you up, to stay calm. Tell them to not move and wait for firemen or policemen to tell them what to do. If there is no one close by, or you live in an unpopulated area, tell them to use your cell phone and call for help if they can.

For older children who ride in the front seat, make sure they know about airbag safety. An airbag can injure or suffocate even a small adult. Tell them to push the seat back if they have difficulty with the airbag.

Scenario Two: Driver passes out.

This is especially important information for those parents or grandparents who have health issues. Children should be told to turn on the emergency lights (if they can reach them) and shift the car into neutral (also if they can reach). If that is not possible, they can turn the key and turn the car off. Eventually it will roll to a stop. Make sure they know to try and steer towards the right shoulder and get off the road.

Those are just two of the issues that could occur. If there are other issues that your child needs to be made aware of, make sure to let them know what to do ahead of time. Do not wait until a disaster occurs. Train them early and it will be instinctive. Above all, stress that they remain calm. It won’t help anyone to become hysterical and they need to be able to follow instructions that could save their lives.

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