Top Travelling Tips for Parents: “Are We There Yet?”

November 3rd, 2011by admin

Top Travelling Tips for ParentsAs any parent will know, travelling with children is more stressful than relaxing, with the question “are we there yet” ringing in our ears after the first ten minutes of the journey.

But from one parent to another, there are some great ways to keep your little ones distracted and entertained during the entire journey. To make sure you’re not exhausted before you’ve even began your holiday, day trip or mini break, it’s always advisable to have a few tricks up your sleeve.

Your children will definitely be pulling more tricks than treats during the journey, and as a parent it’s your job to be one step ahead at all times, even if you don’t feel like you are.

Plan Ahead: It’s in the Parents Handbook

If you’re traveling by car, there is a general checklist to follow. Have the children gone toilet? Check? Does this matter to your child? No.

First of all, it doesn’t matter how many times you frog march your children up the stairs for a toilet break before traveling in the car, it’s inevitable that at some point during the journey a little voice will chirp up in the background informing you that they need to go toilet. So, the best advice available is to plan for lots of toilet breaks, this way you avoid having to stop on a road side.

Parent Job Description: Provide Entertainment

If you hadn’t already known, it’s officially your role as a parent to provide entertainment whenever your child requests it – which is a lot. So, to avoid any unnecessary tantrums, screaming and headaches, plan lots of different games.

Sometimes it’s actually better to write down an ‘itinerary’ of all the games you have at your disposal, as this way, even when tempers get fraught you can whip something out on request, whether it’s a simple ‘spot the red car’ game, Eye-Spy, a portable DVD player, or handheld console – even if you don’t use it, it’s nice to have it there as a backup.

Strategic Planning

You don’t need to be in the army to plan strategically, and regardless of whether you’re travelling by coach, car or plane – there are a few little things that you can use to your advantage, specifically, the time you decide to travel at.

Going late at night or really early (I’m talking 3.00am) in the morning gives you the advantage, in that your children will be sleepy and more likely to sleep for all or some of the journey.

Now, as any parent will know a sleepy child is a grumpy one, so pack food and snacks for when they wake. It will simmer their temper down, and make the journey easier to bare. After all, food is one of the better weapons which enables us parents to sweet talk our little cherubs.

So, now you’re fully equipped with all this useful information, go forth and have a fantastic family holiday.

This article was written by Gayle Brown on behalf of StoneHills; their holiday homes are great all year long for family holidays in the UK.




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