Top 3 Activities for Teenagers

February 20th, 2014by admin

In the AlpsBeing a teenager is a challenging time. Being the parent of a teenager can be even more challenging!

After investing sixteen years nurturing our beloved babies, they suddenly decide they would rather spend time with their friends or in cyberspace. We, their parents, have become very uncool, good for nothing annoyances that just get in the way of the important things in life!

Luckily, we do know that deep down they love us really and this is just a stage they are going through.

The family holiday is a perfect opportunity to cultivate the teen parent relationship and create some life long memories but you need to choose the right kind of holiday!!

An activity holiday is a great choice for outgoing teens who like a bit of adventure and adrenalin and want to feel they are doing something ‘out there’ or ‘awesome’!  For parents, it’s a fun way to spend time with your teens. They’ll see you in a different light after seeing you go first down the canyon toboggan!

With 8 years experience organising family activity holidays, we have got a good idea of the sort of activities that work with teens!

1: Canyoning – negotiate your way down a dramatic mountain canyon. With opportunities for the teens to show off their jumping and summersaulting abilities and parents to demonstrate they aren’t too old to have fun, this is a perfect activity!

2: Via Ferrata – heights do strange things to people and even the most outgoing and independent teenager will be grateful for a few reassuring words from their “not scared at all even if putting on a brave face” parents! “Respect to you, Mum”

3: Night in a Refuge – imagine a place where there is no phone signal, no internet access and no possibility for teenage escapism into the abstract world of the internet. Just beautiful views, wildlife and flowers. An evening of cards or charades with the parents it is then!


The Kirk family with their two teenage daughters have been on an activity holiday with Undiscovered Alps twice. Here’s why!

“We chose an activity holiday because we don’t do sitting round the pool. The Alps around Gap are perfect because they have both the sun and the cooling breeze from the glaciers. Also the kids are at an age where, as teenagers they don’t always want to interact with parents, but when you’ve just thrown yourself down raging white water rapids with essentially a big float in front of you they have plenty to say.

It’s hard to isolate a best bit as it all makes for one great experience, watching an Eagle soar above us, hydro-speed, amazing walks and views. But for us, the highlight is always the day we spend canyoning with Bernard.”

Undiscovered Alps are multi activity specialists based in the Southern French Alps in and around the Ecrins National Park. They tailor make activity holidays to suit your family and make sure you get the most out of the area

This knowledge might be re-assuring, but we still have to cope with the practical reality of daily life. Most of the time it’s okay – there’s school and stuff going on at the weekends to keep our teeny babes happy and occupied without too much confrontation.

For the summer, there are 6 weeks of holidays and for some, even longer if they are finishing their GCSEs and A levels with the last exam in June. What are they going to do all summer?

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