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Tips On Buying Gifts For Babies

August 24th, 2013by admin

Buying Gifts For BabiesI am now at the age where all of my friends are getting married and having children and I am subsequently invited to a large number of weddings, Christenings, birthdays and baby showers. I’m always honoured to attend such important occasions but gift-buying is subsequently taking up an increasingly large proportion of my monthly income.

I have always enjoyed giving gifts but the frequency of gifting occasions seems to have quadrupled in recent years and it’s sadly become somewhat of a chore. Most modern weddings have a wedding list which makes it easier for guests to buy gifts. However, when a friend or relative has a new baby it’s a different story.

Even once you’ve found the perfect new baby gift, it only seems like a few weeks pass before it’s time for the baby’s Christening. Another few months and it’s his or her first birthday party! When you have ten close friends who are all having babies at the same time this presents a real financial challenge.

I now consider myself an expert in the field and so I thought it would be nice to share a few tips that I’ve acquired along the way.


Tip 1- Don’t leave it until the last minute. Baby gift buying tends to rank quite low on most people’s daily to-do list which causes them to put it off for as long as possible. If you rush out to your local shops to buy something at the last minute it will usually be very obvious to the parents. I’m not saying that they won’t appreciate the gesture, but you’d be surprised how much effort some people put into the gift-buying process and comparison is inevitable.

If you choose to buy online then make sure that you leave enough time for the delivery and don’t forget to factor in delays that you might not anticipate (such as you being out for the delivery and having to retrieve the gift from the local depot).


Tip 2 – Think ahead. When I bought my first baby gift I spent about £100 (on the Lullaby Babies website!) I was happy to do this given the significance of the occasion. However, since then my other friends have had babies and I have felt compelled to spend roughly the same amount on them. I imagine this is even more important if you are an employer looking for a gift for an employee as it can be critical not to show favouritism. Therefore, I’d encourage you to buy a gift based on the insight that it could be the first of many!


Tip 3- Get personal. Personal gifts tell the parents that a great deal of thought and effort has gone into buying the gift. However, many websites allow you to customise a baby gift with the baby’s name and date of birth in just a couple of clicks of the mouse. If you know where to look, buying a personal gift doesn’t need to necessarily take up too much of your valuable time.


Tip 4- Go organic. Organic gifts for babies have a slightly higher price tag but they have significantly more perceived-value than non-organic items. Furthermore, although new parents will happily wear regular clothes and eat standard food themselves, many new parents decide on giving their baby exclusively organic clothing and food. This usually comes as a result of scare-mongering by the media and it’s not usually a sustainable parenting policy for long. However, in the first six months you’d be wish to buy an organic gift wherever possible as the potential advantages outweigh the slight increase in price.


Tip 5- Don’t forget mum. Fortunately, the role of dad in the creation of the new life doesn’t seem to justify a gift in most people’s eyes! However, it’s common practice to buy something for the new mum as well as the baby. Gift baskets are often a good choice as many contain a selection of baby gifts as well as some chocolates, toiletries or alcohol-free champagne for mum.


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