The Best Ways to Imbibe a Love for Reading in your Children

June 20th, 2012by admin

Love for Reading in your ChildrenAs parents everyone wants a child who is an avid reader, and if your child shows little interest in reading it can be a cause much disappointment. However I urge you to have hope as sometimes you’ve got to be sneaky and play an active part in making your child a reader even if he shows reluctance to read.

1. The make them ‘go to bed early’ trick:

One of my favorite tried and tested methods to make my kids read is something which I hope they appreciate when they have kids of their own. It’s a one sentence summation, “Make them go to bed early.”

Well the question of the co-relation of an early bedtime with making your kids read might have risen in your mind by now, so here’s the logic, I set their bedtime, almost 45 minutes earlier than the normal time they would have the lights put out.

Then we follow a bed-time routine, the brushing of their teeth, their bathroom rituals done, and then the regular bedtime stories, where the real catch lies; after I’m done telling them a story, I usually ask them whether they’d like to sit and read a while or if I should put the lights out.

Most of the times unless they’re really tired they prefer the prior option, the fact that I let them think it’s their idea saves me the trouble of having to beg them or try to manipulate them, I do not help them choose their books neither do I instruct them. It’s totally their call; they choose their own books, look through them for as long as they want, till its actual time for the lights out, hence I successfully trick them into having the thrill of a late bedtime. There are times when they want me to listen to them read, I happily comply, you should try it too, I think it really works.

2. Incentives for reading in summers:

It is easy to sign up for a summer reading program at almost every library in the country, if that’s not a possibility you can try creating your own summer reading program, with rewards for each book read. For example you could use monopoly or life, you could make your child move one space at a time for every book read or even be more creative by letting roll the dice, for every book read and have prizes ready for him for passing certain points.

It is important to make the rewards something that the child values, it could be anything for example if a child would rather prefer time with you than playing with his toys, you can plan a day with him, engaging in his favorite activity, and if he enjoys toys more then let him have them. Taking him out to his favorite restaurant or letting him get out of his regular chores are great incentives.

3. Before seeing the movie, always read the book:

This rule is one of the golden rules and is the standard norm in our home, none of the family members can go see a movie adaptation until they have actually read the book, it doesn’t matter whether we read the books to the kids or they read all by themselves, only after having read the book can anyone see the movie. So the next time your child is waiting anxiously for the upcoming Harry Potter, Lemony Snicket or the next Harry Potter movie, make it a point to making them read the book first.

So there you have it, three simplest ways to turn your kids into avid readers for life.

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