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The Benefits of Coloring Activities for Children

December 16th, 2013by admin

colorkiddoHave you ever watch when the children do their coloring sheets and wondering why they really enjoy it? Me too, both my daughter are really loved to color and we routinely do this activities together.

Since I am curious about why the kids seems really like and enjoy it very much and what kind of advantage that this activity does to my children, then I do a little study and looking for some reference about it.

It seems like coloring activity allows the children to learn many colors, recognize many different shapes and patterns and more importantly it helps them to practice holding writing tools correctly and eventually helps in developing their tiny muscles in their hands, fingers, and wrist by using it actively during the work.

It is also good for their hand-eye coordination as the children’s learns to color within the specified area. They can also develop their patience control and learn to focus on many details. Plus at the end of the coloring session they can also feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement when their coloring page is done. It is really valuable to build their self esteem and pride of doing something meaningful.

When I do my little internet research about this, I found one website that quite appealing to me, it is They provide lots of interesting coloring page from many different topics and categories and it also has a lovely design and colorful layout which my daughter also enjoy browsing the website and found no trouble in exploring through them.

colorkiddoYou can simply download and print any coloring page you like instantly or do online coloring directly on their webpage. So instead of coloring with crayon or pencils, your kids can also have fun using their mouse, pen tab or solely a tap of their finger, in case they are using mobile tablet or any similar gadget.

So parents, with bunch of benefits and advantages that coloring activities offer to the children, I really encourage you to do this with your kids. It’s really fun, educative and cost almost nothing than a piece of paper and coloring tools and more importantly your kids enjoy it very much.


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