Learn How to Tell If Your Child Is Gifted or Not

October 9th, 2009by admin

How to tell if your child is gifted

Learning how to tell if your child is gifted is very important. As a parent, it is very important to provide your child with the proper challenges. Many children who are completely bored in school are intellectually above their peers. As a result, they aren’t getting the level of stimulation that they need in order to thrive.

All parents think that their children are special, and that is where judgment can be clouded when it comes to finding out if they are truly gifted or not. In many instances, that will be pointed out by school teachers and other adults. You can also have your own testing done from independent resources if you don’t want to go through the school.

However, many schools offer gifted programs for exceptionally talented students. They have specific criteria that they look for. Those students that fall into that category can be placed in classes that are more fitting for their level of intelligence and skill. What you will find is that they can continue to move forward rather than having to settle for what is offered as the curriculum for the rest of the students.

There are some tips you can follow though to learn how to tell if your child is gifted. Does your child ask lots of questions that are in depth? This often shows a deeper level of intelligence than the average child. Such a child often seems to be not paying attention but remarkably, he will walk away with the information that he should.

School may be too easy for your child, as he can finish homework in a flash. In fact, many gifted students spend very little time studying. Yet they do very well on their tests because they do understand the materials that have been presented to them.

Pay attention to who your child is hanging out with. Also, gifted children tend to become bored and even annoyed with peers. Instead they will seek out older children and even adults to spend time with. They crave the higher intellectual relationships that these people are able to offer them. They may also form great alliances with teachers who are well informed on topics that gifted children are very passionate about.

Should your thoughts that your child is gifted be true, then you want to offer him the chance to fully develop his potential. Take some time to find out what programs are readily available in your area. You may decide what the current school offers is good or you may want to enroll him in a private school. Now that you know how to tell if your child is gifted, you will be able to do what he needs.

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