Teething in Babies

July 17th, 2009by admin

Teething can be tough

Teething! Whoa! It’s a tough time for babies and for their parents. Teething usually begins when a baby is around three months of age and continues until somewhere around the time he turns three YEARS old.

The first two teeth that the baby usually cuts are the two front bottom teeth. Those two bottom front teeth with finally break through the bottom gum at between four to seven months, but the baby has been “teething” long before the teeth actually come through the gums.

You’ll notice your baby drooling more when he begins the teething process. He’ll want to chew on anything and everything that comes near his mouth. Teething is a bit painful, so it’s expected that the baby will become cranky and cry more often and for longer periods of time. Sleep patterns are often disrupted and eating can become problematic as well.

If the baby is exceptionally cranky and seems to be having more than a little pain, it’s a good idea to talk to your pediatrician. Pediatricians differ in their recommendations for treatment of teething symptoms. Some pediatricians say that teething does not cause an elevated temperature or diarrhea while others say that teething does cause these symptoms.

There are products on the market that can help to ease the pain for teething. Different pediatricians will recommend different products.

It’s important to remember that the drool can be irritating to the baby’s skin, so wipe the drool away often. There are several products on the market that are designed to help ease the pain of teething and actually help the teeth to break through the gums. Give your baby things to chew on. The chewing helps the teeth to break through and it also helps to relieve the baby’s pain.

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