Before School Starts: Teaching Kids How to Write

November 17th, 2009by admin

Teaching Kids How to Write

Teaching kids how to write isn’t always something that parents consider before they begin school. Though this skill will be expanded upon in school, having the basics in place can make your children’s early days of school much more enjoyable. In this day and age, it never hurts to give your little ones a head start on their education.

The first key to your children learning to write is that they recognize the significance of letters to begin with. When you are reading to your children, be sure to let them see the words on the page. If you follow the words with your finger as you say them, they will start to connect the groups of letters with the words you are saying. Let them handle and “read” the books to themselves whenever they are interested.

Generally, you can use songs and other fun activities to teach kids their alphabet and even the phonic sounds, but when it comes to teaching kids how to write the letters, there are more fundamental skills required. The most important of these is the development of fine motor control.

So that kids can control a pencil sufficiently well that they can form letters, the muscles and nerves in the hand must first develop. This is where the benefit of coloring pages comes in. While learning to stay within the lines, they develop strength and coordination in the fingers. Not to mention the fact that you are left with countless works of art to proudly display on your fridge!

Once there is some understanding of what letters are, and that they convey a meaning, you can begin trying to teach writing them. It is common to give your children sheets with letters and words on them that are written only in dots or as an outline; that way, your kids can practice tracing the letters. This further develops fine motor control while teaching the child to write each letter.

One of the first words that kids learn to write is their own names. It’s the word they are probably going to see most often, so it’s likely to be the easiest for them to remember. A sheet full of outlines of their name is excellent for encouraging them to practice.

At this stage of life, your child is eager to learn just about anything that you can teach them. Take advantage of this while you can, because it’ll be far too soon that you’ve got to deal with fits of “I hate school!” and outbursts of “homework stinks!” Trust me on this one. It will happen to your child just as any other. Teaching kids how to write can be a wonderful way to spend time with your children before they grow up, so enjoy it while it lasts!

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