5 Tips for Stress-Free Shopping with Kids

September 14th, 2011by admin

5 Tips for Stress-Free Shopping with KidsKids are a menace when they get out of hand, especially in public places. Once they start, it takes a very smart mother to get them back to earth. Some mothers cannot handle their children and their shopping turns into a bad case of stress. In their defense, only one thing can be said, that is they are nice to their children. Every mother should know how to handle her children in every situation; sometimes in a friendly way and sometimes the ‘hard’ way.

There are several ways of having a stress-free shopping trip with your kids. We have asked a few mums and have listed down the five best ways for stress-free shopping.


Before leaving the house, dish out a set of rules to your children. Also, make your children aware of the consequences if in any case a rule is broken. Go in hard on them, telling them things they will definitely be afraid of facing. Make sure they understand what is expected of them and how you will reward them if they behave.

Get them something to eat:

The best way to keep children quiet is by filling their tummies. It is the most effective way, if you want to play it nice, to keep your children on their best behavior. They will be concentrating on their food so they won’t have much interest in bugging you. Another interest fact that most mums are not aware of is that most children start misbehaving when they are hungry. Feeding them keep their bellies and mouth full. An extra tip in such a situation is to feed your child in parts, the more they know there is, the longer they will behave.

Leave them in play areas:

Some shopping malls have play areas specially made to relieve mums of their parental duties. They charge some amount, but it is worth the money as now you can shop all you want without a hassle.

Involve your kids:

A great way to keep you children quiet is by involving them in your shopping spree. Ask them what they think of the item you are buying, they might have some opinions which might help your decision. Consider their opinion and share your point of view with them. This will be a great bonding exercise between you and your children. Over the years, you will start enjoying these shopping trips with your children. This experience will eventually help your children make their shopping decisions better and will make them more aware of several aspects of life.

Online Shopping:

Online shopping is by far the best way of stress-free shopping. No need to bargain with your kids or threaten them with false stories, just open your browser and start shopping. Online shopping has its benefits such as special discounts and various options. This also saves a lot of time people waste visiting several shops. Just search for what you want and you will get all the options there are. Choose the item and pay for it with your credit card and you are done.

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