Soothing Worries of Toddlers

July 3rd, 2009by admin

Kids worry. Kids worry about all sorts of things — new experiences, separation, death (particularly of a parent), or violence, for example. Worry can be general or specific. Kids can express fear and worry about animals, airplanes, water, clowns, and the list goes on and on.

As parents, we want to help our little ones deal effectively with their fears. We don’t want them to go through life “afraid of their own shadow.” On the other hand, we do want them to be aware of danger so that the can avoid it. It’s a lot like walking a tightrope when you need to dispense comfort and caution at the same time.

Fortunately, there’s help for us bewildered parents out there. There is nothing more comforting to a toddler than physical contact with his mother and the sound of her voice. One way to deliver both forms of comfort simultaneously is by reading to the child. There are many children’s books that help comfort a child and help to decrease his worry. Here are three suggestions for books to comfort your toddler:

Pat the bunny

Pat the Bunny,” by Dorothy Kunhardt: This book features different shapes and textures to touch and feel. There are flaps to lift and a mirror so the child can see his own reflection.

Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon,” by Margaret Wise Brown: This book features soothing poetry and promotes feelings of safety and peace.

Sleep Little Bear

Can’t You Sleep, Little Bear?” by Martin Waddell: A young bear is afraid of the dark. He overcomes his fear with the help of the big bear that cares for him.

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