Songs to Get Your Baby Through the Day

April 4th, 2014by admin

Baby SingingA few months ago, our friends were visiting us and their toddler didn’t want to eat his food. His parents tried to persuade him to eat, but he was too distracted by our dog and the excitement of visiting us. His parents knew that eating breakfast was important, even though their son was not excited about it. After lots of pleading and bargaining, I picked up my ukulele, and sang “Eat your Blueberries” and he did! He also loved eating them while I sang to him. He smiled and danced in his chair, while finishing all of the blueberries that his parents put before him. A simple song with a relaxing tune turned an otherwise frustrating situation into a fun one.

Since then, I tried similar songs with other friend’s babies, and got the same results; the babies followed the directions of the song lyrics! They did everything from eating and drinking, to going to sleep. The babies loved it, and so did their parents. The parents were singing those songs for the rest of the day. Later, they all suggested that we try recording the songs for them, so we did.

My wonderful wife and I recorded some songs to help everybody’s babies get through the day with rhythm and ease. Through not-so-subtle suggestions, we convince babies to follow directions. We made up some songs like “Eat Your Food”, “Go To Sleep”, and “No Whinin’”. All of the songs have melodic, catchy tunes with beautiful harmonies.

We then made these songs available for everybody on iTunes and Amazon. The CD is called “Songs to Get Your Baby Through the Day” by the Fun Busters. Parents have told us how great those songs are; that they are far more catchy and easier to listen to than most of the children’s music available these days. They also like to dance with their children to these songs. Be careful when listening to the “Go To Sleep” song, it will make you surprisingly sleepy as well. We are just regular people who have fun singing every once in a while, and we thought that because it worked for different babies, that we should share this gift with the world.


This guest post was written by Fun Busters. You can find their CD links at


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