Simple Tips For Successful Potty Training Children

May 31st, 2013by admin

Make potty training funStart potty training at the right time

Most children start showing signs of readiness around 18 months to two years of age. It is also important to start at a time when your child has a consistent routine and schedule. It is hard for kids to potty train right after big changes or life events.

Make sure you have a good set-up

Many children have a fear of sitting on a regular sized toilet. So get your child an attachable seat that prevents him from falling in or a training toilet. Keep in mind that if you train a child on a regular sized toilet that you will need a stool. Children need to have their feet firmly planted to pass bowel movements correctly. Check your set up carefully and make sure that your child is comfortable sitting and shifting on the potty.

A little preparation can help

Your child will show less fear of using the potty if he knows that it is normal thing. If he hasn’t seen you use the potty before, take a moment to demonstrate how the process works. There are also loads of books and DVDs about potty training that can help your child get in the mindset to use the potty successfully. Many parents use the technique of using a doll and water dropper to show how to go to the potty.

Sitting or Standing?

Most sources recommend teaching boys to pee sitting on the potty at the beginning. It is important for them to master the basics of learning to respond to their urges to go before they have to deal with how to aim and keep from making a mess. They can transition to standing later.

Offer Rewards

Help motivate your little one by offering stickers, an M&M, cool underwear, and small toys each time they potty correctly.



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