Should you seek Chiropractic care for your child?

December 22nd, 2014by admin

Chiropractic care for kidsThere has been much discussion of late about whether or not young children should be submitted to Chiropractic treatment.

This debate has caused considerable tension between Doctors and Chiropractors. With one side arguing that there is never a reason for a child to be treated by a chiropractor and the other side saying there is a huge list of problems that can be helped, reversed or cured with chiropractic help including such things as; ear infections, asthma, reflux, constipation, sleeping and breastfeeding problems.

This whole debate has been inflamed even more with one infants neck being allegedly fractured during a chiropractic treatment (fortunately the child made a full recovery).

So what is the answer?

As with most things in life there is no clear yes or no answer, so perhaps the best suggestion would be to proceed with caution.

There are limited studies of adverse events from chiropractic treatments, however, it has been suggested there may be a one in 1 million risk of stroke, brain hemorrhage or paraplegia….. So without doubt proceed with caution because no-one wants their child to suffer a devastating spinal cord injury or severe neurological impairment.

The president of the Chiropractors Association of Australia, Laurie Tassell, says chiropractic is as safe for children as it is for adults. As long as the chiropractor has completed education in pediatric chiropractic ”Chiropractors use skill, not force or strength, to conduct a safe, effective adjustment. Chiropractic care can be remarkably gentle,” he said. ”And being a five-year, university-trained spinal health expert, a chiropractor will modify their adjustment techniques to suit the age and spine of each individual child.”

The truth is that young children can “grow through” many of the perceived problems we see as concerned parents and for this reason I would suggest against seeing a chiropractor for any small health issues or concerns. However, if your child has a problem or disability that you feel may be helped by chiropractic treatment, seek the best possible medical and chiropractic advise you can before proceeding and then find a highly recommended pediatric chiropractor who you feel comfortable with before asking them to perform chiropractic adjustments on your child.

To discuss your chiropractic needs or to get a referral to a good pediatric chiropractor in your area go to and have talk about your concerns.


About the Author:

This post was written by Andrew Chambers. He owns a Alternative therapy and wellness clinic focusing on Kinesiology, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, and Massage and has done a considerable amount of structural and other physical work on children with disabilities. With a focus on allergies, nutrition and digestion issues. His clinic has developed a network of alternative and natural therapy practitioners who between them provide a wide range of alternative therapy support to children and their parents.



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