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October 18th, 2009by admin

I really do appreciate quotes, and I quote experts often. I believe that the wisdom of those with more experience than I possess can teach me a great deal, and I actively seek quotes that have been made by experts in all fields. Childhood development is a field of study, and there are some experts that have devoted their lives to learning how children develop and helping the rest of us help our children.

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

Dorothy Cohen wrote “The Development of Five Year Olds” in 1972. In it she said, “Adults understandably assume that the level of verbal proficiency a five-year-old displays represents his level of proficiency in all areas of functioning — if he talks like an adult, he must think and feel like one. However, five-year-olds … belie the promise of adult-like behavior with their child-like, impulsive actions.”

James L. Hymes, Jr. was a U.S. child development specialist and the author of “Teaching the Child Under Six.” In his book, in Chapter 1, you will find these words, “Early education can only promise to help make the third and fourth and fifth years of life good ones. It cannot insure without fail that any tomorrow will be successful. Nothing ‘fixes’ a child for life, no matter what happens next. But exciting, pleasing early experiences are seldom sloughed off. They go with the child, on into first grade, on into the child’s long life ahead.”

Alice Sterling Honig is a child development specialist and author who wrote, “Helping Children Become More Caring and Cooperative.” She wrote, “Family is the first school for young children, and parents are powerful models.”

Honig is right — parenting is an awesome responsibility. It takes courage to bring a child into this world and willingly assume responsibility for that new and unique human being! Here’s to parents everywhere!

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