Pros and cons of an iPad for kids

July 18th, 2014by admin

ipadFor whatever reason, kids seem to be getting mobile phones and other devices at younger ages than ever before. Is this just the parents giving in to their demands or do they really believe that their little people will benefit from having these expensive pieces of hardware at their disposal? Both way, there are both pros and cons of kids having an iPad, and here we are going to look at just some of them which may assist you in making an informed choice if you are considering getting one for your child.

Pros of iPads

As well as browsing the internet the iPad boasts a shedload of great apps and games that will keep children amused and help them learn in a fun way. Certain apps have been proven to improve a child’s language and reading skills so you could consider an iPad to be an educational device, and if this is the case with your child then it certainly isn’t doing them any harm.

Getting a child an iPad may teach them how to treat expensive items responsibly and not fling them around or drop them on a regular basis. As most children have no concepts of value translate it into something they understand, and stress that it is not a toy and has to treat very nicely.

Recent has proven that watching television can have a much more detrimental effect on a child’s behaviour than playing a game suitable for their age group. So by investing in an iPad to lessen the amount of television they watch can have a positive effect on their general demeanour.
IPads can be used for a whole array of tasks and school work, used to find library books and also are a fantastic educational resource, albeit they should be limited.

Cons of iPads

It can be very easy to buy an iPad for a child to keep them quiet. Spending hours in front of the screen can actually encourage anti-social behaviour as they can get to the stage when they don’t want to do anything else. We bemoan the youth of today for spending all their time on a mobile device or playing on a games console, and parents are actually playing a part in this by giving their child unlimited access to the iPad. By limiting the time they spend on it everyone will benefit. Children need to spend time on other sorts of things and need other sorts of play – of which CostcuttersUK has a good supply.

Don’t forget to set the parental settings if your child is of the age where they can browse the internet. Children at young as 7 have Facebook accounts and get around the age restriction by lying about their date of birth. Never underestimate your child’s ability to get onto something they shouldn’t or see something you don’t want them to. If their friends are doing something online then you can bet your kid will try it too.

We are constantly being told that we should watch TV a certain distance from a screen, but the size of an iPad means you have to be closer to it than can be good for your eyes. This is another good reason for limiting the time your child uses their iPad as eye strain and headaches are becoming increasingly common amongst children who spend hours on end in front of those bright, flickering screens.


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