How to prepare for kindergarten

October 15th, 2010by admin

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How to prepare for kindergartenOne of the milestones in a parent’s and child’s life is beginning kindergarten. While some kids simply cannot wait to start, others will be sad to separate from their parents and not want to go to kindergarten. At kindergarten, children learn more about communication and social skills rather than the alphabet and numbers. As a result, the best way to prepare your child for his or her kindergarten life is to focus on helping your child learn to cooperate, play with and talk to others, as well as following directions.

Here are some great tips to help your child prepare for their kindergarten life:

Social Life

During most of your child’s kindergarten life, he or she will interact with other children, learning how to share toys or collaborate on various projects. As a result, your child will need to learn how to be comfortable working in a group. If your child has not been enrolled into preschool before or simply is not adept to social interaction, then consider enrolling him or her in a group class like dancing, gymnastics, or pee wee tennis. A part-time summer camp program can also help.


Other than learning to healthily interact with others, your child should learn more about themselves. This includes basic information such as their name, address, phone number, age, and naming their various body parts. If memorization is difficult for your child, then you can come up with a fun song to help him or her remember the information.

Improve Motor Skills

An important part of childhood education is developing their motor skills so they can be quick and nimble. This is necessary even before your child learns how to write their name. While motor skills can be developed during playtime, it is also important to give them small jobs around the house that use your child’s fingers and arms such as tying shoelaces, opening mail, and stirring batter. With Bob the Builder being a popular cartoon, you can also buy a kid-sized tool-set to ‘help’ with small repairs around the house.

Expand their Mind

Start teaching your child about letters and numbers that are part of your daily life in an informal way. For example, you can play a “count the number of items in a grocery bag” game or a game where your child has to identify what parts of the house starts with a particular letter or color.

Word Play

Literacy is an important part of any person’s skills. Try reading to your child throughout the day, and eventually try and encourage your child to make up a story whilst looking at photos or pictures.

School Tour

Finally, before your child starts kindergarten, make sure that she or he visits the kindergarten building. There are many formal orientations and informal ones can also be arranged. You can also take your child to play at the school playground after school hours or on the weekends.


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