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November 29th, 2013by admin

Letter from SantaChristmas is a magical time of year for everyone who chooses to celebrate it and whilst people have their own traditions and their own way of celebrating there is one aspect that brings joy to children all across the world – Santa.

Of course children enjoy the presents that they receive and the excitement of not knowing what they will unwrap, but Santa brings the magic and wonderment to the day. It is Santa that brings the presents, Santa who sneaks magically down the chimney and places the presents and stockings for children to find them when they wake up and Santa who decides if they have behaved well enough all year to deserve the presents they want. The parents, guardians and loved ones ‘behind the scenes’ may do all the hard work but to the children it is Santa who makes Christmas an enchanted day full of thrills and delight.

Whether he is Santa, Santa Claus, Father Christmas or any other name that people choose to call him, he embodies what Christmas is about to lots of people – joy, being happy and above all, magic. Santa makes the impossible possible and children love that. So with Santa being such an important part of Christmas why not let him get involved early this year. A lot of people take their children along to see Santa and tell him what they want for Christmas and many of these ‘Santas’ will also give the children a present but if we are honest it’s all very generic. Boys tend to be given cars or figures or things to build whilst girls are given pink, fluffy toys or beauty/make up things. It’s always great to give a child a present but what if you could show your child that Santa really does know them and has been keeping an eye on them throughout the year as we tell our children that he does.

This year you can bring the excitement to a child by having a personalized letter sent from Santa delivered directly to them. These letters are not just addressed to the child but they contain information such as their best friends’ name, their biggest achievement this year and what they usually leave out for Santa and Rudolf on Christmas Eve. They will captivate the child who will be able to truly believe that this letter has been written and sent by Santa, especially if they have already written a letter asking for what they would really like as each letter will contain a reference to the main present the child would like this year.

There really is no better way to see a child’s face light up and start the magic of Christmas than seeing them open their personalized letter from Santa. From a parents point of view it never hurts to remind them that Santa is keeping watch to make sure they are good all year as well – it might be just what’s needed to get that bedroom tidied! have a range of personalized letters in different designs to make a child’s Christmas extra special this year.



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