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Paying it Forward: Make Your Clothing Budget Count

January 17th, 2014by admin

Kids clothing storeThe rate at which children go through clothing is shocking, even to the most seasoned of parents. According to a recent study by the Fraser Institute, the annual clothing expenditures of a two parent household in the United States, earning less than $60,000 a year, make up between 8 and 10 percent of the cost of raising a child (1). Between growth spurts, general wear and tear, and keeping up with the latest fashion trends, parents spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every year outfitting their children. But what happens to the clothing that, simply, no longer fits?

Unfortunately, in most families, perfectly good t-shirts, jeans, and other apparel end up in a bin, tucked away in their garage or even, worse, the trash. Planet Aid reports that, “Americans generate 12 million tons of textile waste every year.”(2) The utter waste is astonishing; parents who spend the average of $500 per year on clothing will eventually have thousands of dollars’ worth of perfectly serviceable clothing sitting in their basements or taking up space in a landfill by the time their child graduates high school. Clothing manufacturers must share in the responsibility, as well. For every year, millions of dollars’ worth of clothing goes to waste simply because a small gaffe, such as a skipped stitch, makes the piece ineligible for sale in a retail setting.

But there is a better option.

Families, both domestically and internationally, are struggling to bridge the widening gap between their income and the rising costs of basic living necessities. By donating your preowned or irregular clothing to charity, your hard-earned money goes even further, whether you’re the average working family or a multi-million dollar corporation.

Planet Aid is one such organization that accepts clothing donations and one which I wholly endorse. The organization makes no secret of the fact that it sells the majority of donated clothes to overseas customers. But Planet Aid uses those proceeds to fund larger programs which improve the lives of communities around the world, including raising awareness of malaria, which is near and dear to us at Miscito.

Please, make your money count: donate your old clothes to a charity today.


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About the author:

This guest post was contributed by Carlos from – a children’s t-shirt company.



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