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Tips for Parenting a Gifted Child

September 4th, 2009by admin

Parenting a gifted child

Parenting a gifted child can be quite different from other children. Any parent can tell you that the job is rewarding but also very challenging. There are many different methods used to effectively raise children. When you have a gifted child in your home, things will need to be different in order to continually meet the needs of this child.

For example, gifted children ask a great deal of questions. They are curious by nature and they want to get to the core of what is going on. They may question many things that you say and do as a parent too. They aren’t being defiant but instead they are really trying to make sense of all of it. Your parenting style needs to be understanding of that. There are times when parents will tell their children that it is just the way it is, but that isn’t going to be accepted by a gifted child.

It is important to encourage a gifted child to socialize on many levels and to take on a variety of interests. Even though he may be gifted in certain areas, there are others in which he’ll still have the same needs as his peers. It can be hard to differentiate them though as a parent. Make sure you have conversations with your child to find out what they want and if their needs are being met.

For example, my sister wanted to place my niece into a program for gifted children. However, she never took the time to ask if that is what my niece wanted to do. It became a battle point and both of them were frustrated. Finally my sister encouraged her by asking her to try the program for a couple of weeks. If she didn’t like it, she could be done with it. When parenting a gifted child, you need to remember that he or she may be afraid that of being advanced in certain areas.

The emotional elements of a gifted child need to be considered as well. This can end up being an area in which a gifted child isn’t sure what to feel.. Make sure the door is always open for them to talk. Having a support group on your side can help you to tackle issues that come up. Find out if there is one locally or you can even join one online. Do all you can through parenting a gifted child to make the world one in which they belong.

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