How to Use Parental Internet Control Software

April 28th, 2009by admin

Parental Internet Control Software

With the tremendous amount of information available online, some of it may not be appropriate for your child to see-and that’s where parental Internet control software comes in.  It lets you set what you want your children to see while blocking the rest.

Like everything else, parental control software often gives you myriad options and lets you choose the configuration that’s best for you.  So it pays to have at least a basic understanding of how to use it to your maximum advantage while not accidentally banning sites that may have been educational or otherwise beneficial for your children.

One critical piece to laying a foundation for protection is setting up user profiles for various users. Some software packages force you to use only your operating system’s user accounts, while others let you create profiles totally independently of your OS.  Some even let you choose between the two options based on your own preference.

After you’ve got your profiles setup, you’ll want to hammer away at all the specific settings to guide your kids’ usage patterns.  One good one is setting time limits on usage or for the Internet to “break” right before bed time (better start practicing your best “I wonder what happened” face!)

Don’t be daunted by having to filter individual sites either, since these software packages work mostly based on category.  Some you may want to filter out include Gambling, Hate/Violence and Pornography.

And if the software happens to make a mistake in filtering out something you DO want your child to have access to, you can whitelist it without much issue.  The same goes for websites or pages that slip through the cracks, since you can blacklist those.

Of course, that means you’ve still got to be proactive in monitoring your child’s Internet usage.  Even though these software programs are often backed by large and sophisticated databases filled with intelligence on what other users deemed appropriate and inappropriate, they aren’t perfect.  You are still the last line of defense as the parent.

Lucky for you, your job is now just that much easier than before. So now it’s time for you to test the offerings out there to see which program you like the best.  I think you’ll find the experience fairly smooth, and before long you’ll be teaching your fellow parent friends all about how to use parental internet control software.

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