There Are Four Things You MUST SIMPLY COMPREHEND When Dealing With the “Terrible Twos”

February 10th, 2015by admin

Terrible TwosThey are known as the “Terrible Twos” but just what is it? The “Terrible Twos” is a catchy phrase for Children Behavior Problems which we, as parents, are sometimes blind to it all or unwilling to accept the fact that “our” child has behavioral issues at such a young age. As such every parent should understand the following 4 facts to effectively deal with their child’s behavioral issues known as the “Terrible Twos”.

1. A Child’s Behavior Is Stimulated & Driven By EMOTION As Opposed To Reason Or Logic

Think about it, whether you are 2 or 52 your behavior is directly related to your emotional state of mind or being. Everyone reacts to their emotions and then afterwards justifies their reaction using logic or reason. However small children have yet to develop the ability to use reason or logic, so for them, they act solely from emotion. This is a fundamental concept in helping you to understand your two-year-old’s behavior so store this in your brain for when the next “Terrible Twos” eruption occurs. This concept is probably the most important one to grasp and understand when dealing with small children behavioral issues.


Buying Your First Baby Crib? Consider This.

January 15th, 2015by admin

baby with open mouth and eyesThere’s so much to prepare for when having a child and putting the nursery together is one of the biggest tasks – and most expensive. A crib and bedding can cost hundreds of dollars. So, before you buy a baby crib there are some major factors you need to consider to ensure the crib is the right one for your baby. Your baby’s safety may depend on it.

Buy New Cribs

Crib technology and safety features have greatly improved in recent years. It is tempting to buy an older used crib to save some money, but the risk is simply not worth it. Not only will older cribs not be up to the safety standards of modern cribs, but used cribs also come with the risk of mechanical failure. A slat could come loose or paint could be peeling off. There are many additional risks when buying a used crib so you have to ask yourself: Is it worth it?

Getting Baby into a Sleeping Routine

January 7th, 2015by admin

baby sleepingIt’s a common problem with babies. In fact, it’s a common problem up until the age of seven, in many cases! From screeching at the top of their voices, to throwing items of furniture down the stairs, the nippers always have their own individual spins on their temper tantrums at bed time. Many parents struggle to deal with this, and often realise that it’s a problem when it’s too late. A healthy bed-time routine is key from an early age. TV programmes like Supernanny have demonstrated how this can be tackled, but it’s not so straightforward when we’re on our own!