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April 1st, 2011by admin

Online inspiration for offline games and activitiesThe internet is a big inspiration for many parents. My family is no exception. Ever since I started inquiring how to get pregnant faster, the internet has been my first resource to consult.

There is hardly anything that you can’t find somewhere on the world wide web – and as babies grow into toddlers, preschoolers and beyond, it can be a great place to find games and activities for children, both educational and just for fun.

But of course, the offline world still matters too. And ironically, this is where the internet has been of the biggest help to my family. We often browse the web to get inspiration, and I’d like to share my tips with you!


How difficult can it be to come up with craft ideas for young children yourself? Of course, every parent knows how to get out pencils and paper, play dough or finger paint. But beyond that, finding fun crafts can be quite tricky, actually. Thankfully, there are many moms who are more creative and resourceful than I am – and who share their ideas on their blogs, complete with many pictures and tutorials.

It was on the web that we learned how to make a pinata for my kids’ birthday parties, a crocodile out of an empty egg carton, and how to make your own stamps out of potatoes. If you’re after something more simple, there are tons of coloring sheets to just print out!

Educational ideas

My daughter is big into math games. Where else would you find sudoku for kids, with stars and twirls instead of numbers? For free? And the many sites that offer fun letter-writing activities to print off, or geographical quizzes for young children have been such a great help. Wherever your child’s interests lie, there are websites that offer playful worksheets for free.


Children’s books are still an important part of growing up, even in the dot com age. For expectant stay at home mothers who are struggling with pregnancy signs and symptoms, reading books to their young children is a life saver. The internet can be of help in giving information about which books are great (mom bloggers often review kids’ books), and which to stay away from. And then, a couple of clicks are all that’s needed to get said books delivered to your home.

This article was written by Tania Tod.  Tania also owns and operates Trying to Conceive, a website for women who are trying to get pregnant , already expecting a baby, or struggling with infertility.


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