The New Baby Gift Basket – A Classic Favorite

May 9th, 2009by admin

New Baby Gift Basket

When puzzling over the perfect gift for that Mom-to-be in your life, consider the timeless new baby gift basket.

You have myriad options for what to put in it, so your gift can still be uniquely yours even if everyone else shows up to the baby shower with a baby gift basket bundled in her arms.  Just don’t go too crazy with your creativity, since it’s best if you stack it high with gifts the baby will need and want most.  (And yes, stuff to keep Mom sane is great too!)

When deciding what to include, consider whether the baby is already known to be a boy or a girl. If the sex is known, then it’s fine to go gender-based with pink and frilly stuff for girls and tested-and-true blue hues for the boys.  Too boring for you?  Feel free to splurge with other colors sampled from all over the rainbow according to the mother’s personality and personal tastes.  This is especially great for when the baby’s gender isn’t known yet.

As for actual items to include, onesies to wear, bibs and bottles to feed, baby wipes to clean up and teddy bears to snuggle all make good sense.  You’ve got free license to also include some more commemorative items or personalized new baby gifts, like a “first footprint” kit or a gift certificate for photography to capture those special first few weeks out of the womb.

Of course, you may not want to customize and assemble your own gift basket all by yourself.  Instead, you may want something pre-packaged but still sure to please-and that’s where it pays to shop online.  There are literally hundreds of amazing baby gift basket options ranging all over the map in price, theme and items included to choose from.  Just give yourself ample time to sort through them to find one you like and have it shipped over.

With that in mind, I’ll set you free to go begin your search right now.  Trust me….It’ll all be worth it for the expression on Mom’s face when she first glimpses her new baby gift basket.

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