How to Meet Other Stay-At-Home Moms

June 28th, 2011by Jessi Arias-Cooper

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Stay-at-home-parenthood can be a lonely job. If most of your friends are comprised of coworkers and colleagues, it’s a really big change.

When I left my nine-to-five situation, my husband was still working outside of the home. It was just me and the kiddies for 12 hours a day. While finally being able to stay with my children was, and still is, a dream come true, I did find myself craving some time with other adults.

Don’t get me wrong, I still had my close friends from work, but I wanted to meet other moms who understood what a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) goes through. It’s a tough job and I’m on duty 24 hours a day. Only another SAHM can truly appreciate the inner-workings of another homemaker’s mind.

Finding other SAHMs can be tricky when you’re toting around three rowdy boys everywhere you go, but it can be done. The key is to go to places where other mommies are likely to be hanging out with their offspring.

This works best for two reasons:

  • These will likely be kid-friendly locations
  • You’re sure to find other moms and dads who are just as pal-hungry as you are

There are few routes you can go when beginning your quest to make some new friends:

1. Online
2. Local SAHM Groups
3. In the Trenches


If you’re shy and don’t want to just strike up a conversation with a complete stranger, start by checking online. This is a great option, especially for moms with young babies. A couple websites I like for chatting with other moms are, and Twitter.

These sites are fabulous, because you can find friends by locations, family situations, age and much much more. Finding someone who you have a ton in common with is as easy as find the right forum and jumping in.

Local SAHM Groups

If you check with local hospitals or community centers, they can problem give you information on Mommy and Me-type groups that meet up weekly or monthly. Many communities even have support or activity groups for moms to hang out without their children…just to get some much needed social time and share whatever you need to get off your chest.

In the Trenches

This is the most bold approach to meeting other moms. You go out there, in the real world, and start talking to other tyke-wrangling parents. The biggest benefit of meeting other moms in person is that you can see how they interact with their children. That may seem silly, but watching them in action when their kids are hanging upside down from monkey bars or mid-tantrum can help you gauge your compatibility. True colors shine through really quickly in real-life situations.

Common places to hunt other like-minded mommies are playgrounds, library story times, school functions and extra-curricular activity locations like the YMCA, Gymboree, sports-related practice and games or music, dance and tumbling lessons. These are advantageous places to meet moms, because your kids will have things in common, too.

Meeting new SAHM mommy friends is a lot like dating. You have to keep your eyes peeled for other parents who you’d genuinely enjoy talking to or hanging out with, whether your kids are present or not. You won’t hit the jackpot every time, but sooner or later, you’ll hit on a winner and have a new buddy who truly identifies with what you’re going through.

Jessi Arias-Cooper is the senior writer and an editor for She is a work-from-home mother of 3 boys and has been married for 10 years. If she had time for hobbies and interests outside of parenting and keeping house, they would be jewelry making, baking, watching bad B-movie horror flicks and creative writing . If you have a question for Jessi, click here.

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