A Look at Foster Parenting

March 25th, 2011by admin

A Look at Foster ParentingFoster care can often be an intimidating prospect to a potential foster parent. Being responsible for a child comes with plenty of risks and challenges. Here is some information about foster care than will help quell any anxieties you might have.

The Traditional Foster Care System

It’s sad to say, but some children are often neglected and physically, mentally and emotionally abused by their parents and have to be taken into custody by the state for their safety. This is where foster care comes into play.

Once these children are taken into safe custody, they are put into traditional foster care homes. Treatment level or therapeutic homes are also available for children requiring special medical, emotional or physical help.

This sounds simple and effective, but the problem with traditional foster homes lies in the fact that there is a shortage of foster families, causing crowded foster homes. In these cases, fostering outcomes can be very negative. The increased number of foster children in a single home could lead to neglect or abuse from the foster parent or the other children.

But There Is Hope

Thankfully, this is not the case with every foster agency. Many agencies will take the time to screen foster families thoroughly and carefully, and ensure that the home is safe for children and that the family is well-suited to foster a child.

Furthermore, most foster parents must go through required training hours to help them handle the task of fostering a child. This training is both practical and developmental, including such topics as:

  • First aid
  • Communication
  • Child development
  • Cultural sensitivity

This training will not only help foster parents deal with any potential problems, but also help them in teaching and raising their foster children.

A Helping Hand

To add further assistance, foster parents can always ask social workers for help. With social services, fostering is made a bit easier. Social workers can help with a variety of tasks.

Social services can help prepare you for your foster home certification.Social workers can also help in matching you with the right foster child. This ensures that the child will receive the right care that he deserves.

If you have any questions, social workers will visit your home on a regular basis to answer whatever inquiries you might have.

Medical records will be maintained by the social worker, ensuring that the health and safety of your foster child is in good hands.

Non-Traditional But Still Full of Love

In fostering, equality and diversity are still important. Foster parents can be traditional with a mother and father, but single parents, retirees, and widowed individuals can still foster a child and provide just as much care and support.

Erick D. Smith blogs about teaching kids about living a healthy lifestyle and parenting information. If you are looking to help out a kid in need, consider becoming a foster parent. Fostering outcomes can be rewarding for both parents and children.

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