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Labeling children’s clothes

October 5th, 2014by admin

nametagEveryone thinks, and should think, that their kids are great! However, there is no child, not even a single one, no matter how well behaving, who do not lose stuff and especially clothes because they are careless.

So what can you do about it, except for nagging? The obvious answer would have to be to label all their clothes, or at least the most expensive pieces.

If you decide to label the clothes there is basically thee ways to do it:

  • Using a marker, like Sharpie
  • Iron on labels
  • Woven name labels

Many people prefer markers or iron on labels, but personally I dislike the idea of using both these alternatives, not so much because it doesn’t look very nice (because it doesn’t) but because the second hand value of the close is much lower.

My preferred choice is therefore woven labels. They look much nicer and opposite to popular belief it is not a lot work to sew them in.

The advantages of woven labels as I see it are:

  • If you buy 100% cotton labels you can rest assure that you stay clear of the itching and scratching that iron on labels may cause (in some cases even allergies)
  • They are possible to remove once the kids have out outgrown the clothes. If the labels. When there is no marking in the clothes this increases the second hand value of the clothes which is great news to anyone, who like me is trying to reduce the net amount spent on children’s clothes
  • It looks much nicer



About the author:

This article was written by Johan Kjell from He is is a Swedish entrepreneur who have almost ten years experience from e-commerce. He’s been involved in numerous projects and currently he is managing the internationalization of the Swedish company Namnband, founded in 1978.

The last two years the company have expanded into 10 countries and with they are targeting the English-speaking part of the world. offers woven labels in cotton and free shipping worldwide. Users have the possibility to make their own personalized and seeing a preview of the labels as they design their labels.




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