Kids Who Follow Their Parents Lead

October 24th, 2014by admin

holding handsHumans learn to imitate almost birth, before language and understanding comes knowledge of action and reaction. Hence baby will very quickly understand they if they cry they’ll get food. And so it continues throughout the early years of childhood.   Learning by imitation is the core education we all learn from our parents.

In answer to questions such as why is this child energetic, quiet, chatty, obsessively tidy? You’ll often find the answers in the characteristics of the parents (or early child care givers) We imitate to satisfy needs one of which is acceptance. We learn that if we act in a certain way it will gratify or annoy those around us. We then have a choice what to do with that knowledge.

As a parent it becomes crucial to be consistent in the messages your child receives and the learning that will accompany them into adulthood.   If you want your kids to be organized and good planners, then show them this skill in yourself.   The more they understand that disorganization is okay for daddy, the quicker they’ll adopt it for themselves.

This also holds true for the relationship you have with your spouse, your parents, and other family members and friends that are also a part of your child’s life. Own up to mistakes when you make them, and communicate open and honestly with all family members.

Studies have shown that parents embracing the character traits they desire for their kids can be equally beneficial.   For example, as a young father I had little care for planning, I’d just take each day as it came and would go through life living off the ad-hoc arrangements and those things that came my way at the right time.   It worked for me, but I wanted my kids to be better organized, better planners and be responsible to build their own routine into their lives.

For me the exercise was great, by adopting tasks I wanted to be natural for my kids led me into creating stronger boundaries in my own life. I felt freer knowing what was coming, I felt liberated knowing I was leaving as little to chance as possible.
In recent months we’ve begun searching apps stores for apps that we can use with our kids to plan even better.   Playdate by Jago is a parenting app that lets you schedule and manage he kids social lives.   Once a week I sit with the kids and together we decide who to make an arrangement with and what fun we’ll have. It’s my pick of the week


About the Author:

This article was written by Clifton Flack. He is Founder and creator of a new Parenting app called Playdate. With over 20 years experience in hi-tech marketing Clifton has brought his skills together with his team to create an application to deliver true value to parenting.



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