Simple Kids’ Crafts for Thanksgiving

November 14th, 2009by admin

Kids Crafts Ideas for Thanksgiving

For adults, Thanksgiving has its own meaning, but for kids, often too young to understand, they can be drawn into the meaning of this time through kids’ crafts for Thanksgiving. Simple craft ideas can involve all children, from the youngest preschooler until the age that they tire of these activities.

So what is today’s theme? Turkeys, of course! Since these have featured prominently throughout the long history of the holiday as the main menu item, they also are a common feature for kids’ crafts for Thanksgiving.

But what can you do that involves turkeys? For the little ones, a simple idea is to make hand and foot paintings by pressing the hand or foot into paint, and then onto paper (think of the mess! You may hate it but the kids are certain to love it!).

Once the paint is dry, an adult or older child can cut the shapes out and use them as the feet and a comb on top of the heads of turkeys, or even as the wings. The turkey’s body itself can be made from a paper plate or may be drawn on paper, or made out of a fan of hand prints.

Just as we come to enjoy getting together with family at this time of year, we can also help our kids to be thankful. Using the hand prints as the leaves, you and your kids can make a Thanksgiving tree, and on each leaf the child writes something that they are thankful for. One thing that you may be thankful for is the quiet time enjoyed while the children are busy with this activity!

Another strong focus of the holiday will be the Native American people who were affected at the time, as well as the Pilgrims who came to America and whose harvest festival became the Thanksgiving that we’ve all come to love. It is good to remember that kids just love to be able to help, and so the running themes can be incorporated with any other activity.

Since involving them in the cooking may be unsafe, they can help with the meal in other ways. Hand prints, pictures of Pilgrim hats or Native Americans can be used to decorate name cards which your child can make for all the guests that you are expecting.

Carrying on the Native American theme, you may consider making paper teepees or totem poles out of toilet roll tubes that are used to represent the members of your family. Imagine how happy (or horrified!) grandma would be to see herself on the pole!

Also, schools engage in a lot of these activities so you may get ideas from what your child brings home. A good number of ideas can be gleaned from these, so don’t be afraid to take outside inspiration for your kids’ crafts for Thanksgiving!

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