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How to Help Kids Be Passionate About School

May 7th, 2010by Jessi Arias-Cooper

Wouldn’t your kids feel great at school if they loved the subjects studied?

Sure, some kids love math, others like writing and some even enjoy chemistry. Many children go to school and study most of the subjects, not because they love them, but because they have to.

It’s a pity. It doesn’t need to be this way.

You can help your kids develop curiosity about their school subjects, enjoy their classes and learn new things with passion. There are two main approaches to this:

Turn study into games
Schools are supposed to do this, but is there something you can do to help? Most kids get pretty bored with the subjects taught in school, not to mention the way they are taught.

You can solve this problem yourself by making studying more fun. Get involved with the teaching process. Develop games in which you and your child study the lessons together. Make it a game where you both score points and then announce winners.

If you are creative you can go even further. For example, you can “translate” math to games. Ask your child to calculate the number of soldiers needed to win a battle or how much gold is required to reach a certain level in their favorite video game.

If your kids like to build things, you can study the elementary physics involved in building houses, bridges and so on. Explain that physical laws must be kept, even when building play structures. Try to build figures that aren’t structurally sound. When it doesn’t work, take the opportunity to explain why the structures were unstable.

Adults study new things, because they understand that the subject has real-life application. Children don’t think this way. They respond to games because they are fun, which is pretty much their reason for living. If you can show them how the knowledge they gain in school helps them with their games, they’ll be more passionate about their studies.

Turn games into study
There is an easier, more popular way to develop a passion for learning. Educational toys and games are created especially for this purpose. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Arts and craft toys like paints, stamp sets and model kits encourage both curiosity and creativity.
  • Building and construction toys are a must-have for every kid. They help the development of different skills and build interest in many interconnected subjects.
  • There are various math toys which can turn studying this difficult subject into a lot of fun.
  • Science and nature toys like telescopes, lab sets and meccano sets can really create passion for otherwise tough subjects like physics and chemistry.
  • There are also many kinds of brain-teasing games and software which can develop logical thinking skills and help children enjoy solving puzzles.

If your son doesn’t like a subject, there are many different ways to encourage him to give it a chance. If you push too hard without exploring some creative options to gain his interest, he may develop an even stronger aversion to it. Remember, these things take time.

You may have to try several different techniques before you hit on a winner. You’ll learn about your child’s strengths and interests while you’re trying to find the method which works best for him. Every child has his talents; you only need to help him discover them.

This article was contributed by Sandra de Charo. Sandra writes articles for, where you can find all sorts of neat, old fashioned automata and mechanical toys.

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