Kids’ Halloween Party Ideas for a Devil of a Good Time

October 11th, 2011by admin

Kids Halloween Party Ideas

Once you are brave enough to agree to host a party this year, you need some kids’ Halloween party ideas that will ensure that all the little devils…er, angels have a spooktacular time. After all, if you don’t, your children will be the outcasts of their class if the party turns out to be lame. You don’t want that trauma haunting you for the rest of your life, so here are some terrific ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

Before deciding on any Halloween activities for kids, you should give some consideration to the ages of the children who will be at the party. There is a vast difference in attention span and abilities between a pre-schooler and a pre-teen. If you plan on having a mix of ages at the party, you really should find another adult to help you out. One of you can be in charge of the younger children, while the other handles the older ones. This will make things more fun for the kids and help you keep your sanity.

For younger children, stick to simple decorations and easy to understand activities. Sometimes we parents can get too into the spirit of things, and our kids’ Halloween party ideas become a bit too scary for little ones. The last thing you need is a mob of angry parents when their children wake up with nightmares from the realistic zombie costume you wore!

With older children, you can be more creative and get as creepy as you want. In fact, at a certain age children seem to delight in being as gross as possible. Show them that you can outgross them and you’ll have a successful Halloween party.

When considering activities, costumes are a wonderful place to start. Every child likes to play dress-up, whether scary or not. A costume judging contest can be appropriate and fun for any age. You could do a best costume, funniest costume, or even scariest costume (or all of the above). This is a good way to ensure that everyone gets some sort of small prize, such as a treat bag.

Kids’ Halloween party ideas can include crafts or food or both together. What better way to kill two birds with one stone than by having the kids create the food and then eat it? This could be as simple as decorating cupcakes to creating fanciful creatures with candies stuck together with icing.

As you can see, there is a vast range of things to choose from that will keep the kids busy. Your goal should be that they have a good time without trashing the house or hurting themselves. So let your imagination reign free, and you will find kids’ Halloween party ideas flowing like crazy.

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