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Start Your Child Young with Kids Educational Movies

April 24th, 2009by admin

Kids Educational Movies

Are you looking for some high-quality kids educational movies? Many parents dream of birthing a baby brainiac who can read and write even before walking or being potty trained.  Of course, these are mostly parental pipe dreams, but that doesn’t preclude newer and better educational methods from vastly accelerating learning compared to when we were growing up.  Educational movies are right up that alley.

Movies make for a great way to flatten the learning curve because they are easy to absorb.  No reading required, which can easily outstrip a young child’s attention span in minutes or mere moments.

But where should you go to find really good kids educational movies?

Start with public television.  It is freely available, highly child- and family-friendly and geared towards education.  Many of us remember shows like Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow from our youth, and there are other shows and movies based on the teachings from such time-tested favorites.

After that, look online since you’ve probably already got an Internet connection since you are reading this.  There are some free sites dedicated to kids’ education, like, and  You can also check, of course.

But if free content isn’t cutting it for you, then by all means look for videos you can either rent or buy.  Check out kid-friendly to rent or to buy (what don’t they have?) your educational videos.

The good news with paid content is that you’ll have plenty to choose from.  The market for children’s education is huge and only growing stronger with more companies coming into the market to serve the niche.

You may also consider something more interactive than pure movies, like games.  Some game consoles even let you use them both as pure DVD players and gaming stations, so you’d still only need to buy one device.  Modern games are packed with so much realism and interaction that they may be a great way to engage your kids’ attention to learn while still watching educational movies as a primary backup to interaction-based learning.

Of course, it’s up to you to decide the media mix that’s right for your child.  Each kid is different.  So pay particular attention to what your little one responds to best, whether that’s kids educational movies, games or something else altogether.

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