Keylogger – Every parent needs one to protect their kids

June 28th, 2013by admin

keylogger softwareWe all read about the dangerous kids face Online.

We all read about young kids being seduced by an online predator.

We all read about the teen who committed suicide after their suggestive photos where published online.

We all read about children who took their lives as result of constant harassment from classmates.


We all asked ourselves if this can happen to our kid.

The answer is YES.

But this is not the question we should ask. The question we should ask is how we can prevent that from happening to our kids.


But how could we prevent it if we do not even know what our kids are doing on the computer while we are not watching them?

We probably could install a spy camera in front of the computer screen but this will just cause endless arguments with our kids.

So what can we do to protect our kids from online dangers?

The answer to this question is using a Monitoring Software that will help us protecting our kids online.

There are few Commercial Keyloggers, Monitoring Software, on the market. One of them is All In One Keylogger from

Keylogger is a parental control software.

It records all keystrokes/passwords that are typed on the computer, all web page urls, all the names of the files you create/rename/modify, all Chats and IM conversations, all voice conversations and basically every activity that is done on the computer and saves them to log files for later viewing.

A Keylogger can also be set to send you the logs to your email address, so you will be able to view all your kids activities – even at work.

Good Keylogger software can even take screenshot of the computer desktop whenever you click the computer mouse.

Few commercial Keyloggers can even run completely invisible by hiding their processes from Task Manager, their files, their Icons and their entries from Control Panel so you kids will never even know it is installed.

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