Keep your baby safe with a personalized baby blanket

December 12th, 2013by admin

baby in blanketFor many parents, the blessing of a new born baby is one of the most cherished moments in their lives. It usually comes as welcome relief to the mother when her child is born safely and in any case she cannot wait to spend time with the bundle of joy. Personalized baby blankets are among some of the items a mother needs to protect her child.

Specifically, swaddling baby blankets are the type your baby needs to sleep easily and for longer periods. In fact, it is the reason why most babies born in US hospitals are wrapped in baby blankets soon after birth; to make them comfortable.

It is a sad to know that over 4500 infant have died this year. There are number of factors responsible for this trend and they can be classified into environmental and systematic. Babies born with heart problems and other complications have higher chances of dying, and this falls under the systematic category.

Environmental factors such as accidental suffocation are more prominent. Out of all these cases, about half cannot be explained, and are categorized as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Following a campaign encouraging parents to put babes to sleep on their back, SIDS rates have decreased by over 50%.

Hospitals have been in the forefront in introducing the personalized sleep sack/wearable baby blanket because of its effectiveness in helping babies to sleep safely. Notably, there are studies that have linked tight swaddling to a condition known as hip dysplasia which is a result of the baby’s legs being restricted from movement.

Cases of hyperthermia in babies are also as a result of the baby’s head being covered for so long such that the body temperature cannot be regulated, which leads to overheating. It is therefore paramount for the parents to ensure that the blankets are of the right size, and are always secured correctly.
In most hospitals today, baby blankets are only used immediately the child is born to present it to the parents, soon after which it is replaced with a sleep sack.

The reason behind this is the fact that a loosely swaddled infant can easily suffocate if the blanket accidentally covers the nose and mouth. Since the mother is usually exhausted after child birth, a sleep sack is preferable as it would not require constant monitoring.

If done properly, swaddling is known to comfort fussy babies. Bearing in mind that if is too loose it could unwind and inhibit breathing, and if it is too tight it could result in hip problems, careful use of the blanket is safe and effective.

To make the experience more comforting, you can opt for personalized baby blankets which have the baby’s name done in embroidery. A personalized blanket is designed to fit the baby perfectly, allowing him or her to move his or her legs and arms freely without restriction. In fact, this can be a perfect gift for a loved one who has just had a baby.



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