How to Take Better Photos of Your Kids

August 1st, 2013by admin

Take Better Photos of Your KidsKids grow up so fast. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to make sure you have the camera out to take photos whilst they’re still young. Once they’ve flown the nest it will be nice to have all those pictures around the house to look at whether they’re framed or set on canvas prints. However, taking photos of your little ones can be tough: they’re never exactly eager to sit still for half an hour! That’s why we’ve put together this little piece on how to get better snaps of your kids:

Keep things natural. A sure-fire way to get better photos is to allow your kids to be themselves in the shot. You’ll get better, more natural photos when they’re doing the sorts of things they love best, whether it be playing with their toys, running around the garden or just watching a bit of TV. Also, this way you’ll remember the days you spent with them when looking at the photos, which will be nicer than having prints of them staring at the camera, not enjoying having to stay still!

Take photos from the floor. Your kids are smaller than you. An obvious point? Probably, but you’d be amazed how many parents insist on taking photos from a standing position. If your little ones are playing with their toys on the floor, then lie down and take photos from the same eye levels as them – the pictures that you get will give a fresh, more pleasant perspective.

Avoid strong lighting of any kind. This goes for almost any photo, of course, but is still important. If you’re using a digital camera, then try and avoid taking photos when there is a mix of different light within the frame. Instead, try to take photos when they are either fully in the shade or fully in the sun. This way, you’ll be able to make post-photo software edits across the whole shot in order to improve the end results.

Get them involved. One of the more fun techniques for getting your kids involved in photos is to use the reverse of the camera to let them see the photo you’re taking. This works especially well using smart phones with a front facing lens. If they can see the shot, it’s quite likely they’ll get involved in some way. Even if it’s just in pulling funny faces or sticking their tongue out!



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