How To Recycle Your Nursery Items

February 10th, 2012by admin

How To Recycle Your Nursery ItemsAfter the family expansion initiatives have come to an end, we find ourselves with a room full of baby furniture and knick knacks that we no longer have use for. Now that your nursery needs to be transformed into a kids’ room, the crib, changing table, crib bedding set and building blocks have got to go! If your items are still in good condition, the first thing to do is give away, sell or donate your items.

Nursery items can be very expensive and it would be a shame to let them go to waste. Ask friends, family or anyone they know and I am sure someone will be able to take them off your hands. Craigslist and garage sales are excellent ways to sell your nursery items and make some extra money. Or if you would like to donate your goods, check out Goodwill, Freecycle, local churches and thrift shops. During this economy, expectant parents need to save all they can. I know I did!

There are many ways to recycle used baby items, but what happens if your items are no longer in good condition and cannot be passed on? For plastic bottles, look if there is a number on the bottom next to the recycle symbol with triangular arrows. That will indicate how your plastic should be disposed of at the Recycling Facility. For other nursery items, instead of dumping them in a landfill that will sit there for hundreds of years, get creative and turn your nursery items into something you can use in your household.

Cribs are a goldmine to reuse around the household. Apply some paint and the head/footboard can be used as a headboard for a twin-sized bed or as a backboard for a bike rack. I even saw a headboard that was turned into a tiny door and was used as a decorative piece in the front yard! You can take the side panel as an organizer and place it vertically on the wall. Then apply hooks so you can hang items on it. The side panel can also be used as a drying rack to hang laundry on. If you have a green thumb, try using it in the garden as a trellis or decorative fencing.

You can make wonderful use of your crib bedding set by reusing the fabric. Turn your mattress sheet into a pillow, blanket, handkerchief or laundry sac. The dust ruffle can be used as a window valance or made into doll clothes. You can use the bumper pad to line the inside of a basket or as a coaster for hot pans. A diaper holder can be used to hold other items if you sew up most of the opening. I use mine to hold delicates for laundry. There are so many things you can do with your crib set. Just think of your baby bedding as a blank canvas.

Other items like a mobile can be used as a new play toy for your cat. I’ve seen someone online take their favorite stuffed animal and fill it with marbles to be used as a book stopper. Your bassinet can be used as a toy chest. And the changing table can be used as a dresser in the closet, bathroom or laundry room. A rocking chair can be used for guests or placed outside as a welcoming piece, by the front door. Your diaper genie can be used outside for pet waste. And baby wipe containers can be used as storage for pictures, sewing items, coupons, etc.

I can go on and on, but you get the idea of finding creative ways to recycle your nursery items. You never know what you can come up with if you choose to give your nursery items a second life rather than throw them in the dump. You will really get the most out of your dollar and even receive a bit of praise from friends who appreciate your imagination.

This article was written by Chantal Maddocks. Chantal is a stay-at-home mom with a beautiful 1-year old, Naomi, and a wonderful husband Jared!  Pregnancy and motherhood are truly gifts in her eyes and can be quite challenging at times. She constantly tries to find new and efficient ways to take care of her family and save money.



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