How to Potty Train Your Child

April 26th, 2009by admin

Potty Train Your Child

I bet when you were excited to have a baby, you never thought much about how to potty train your child.  And now that your little one has grown up to toilet training age, it can be a daunting prospect to figure out just what to do.

Here are some tips to get you through it….

First off, take heart that countless other parents have been through this seeming ordeal before you.  But it needn’t be an ordeal if you approach it with a positive attitude that comes from seeing it as a true rite of passage for your once blushing baby.

With that firmly in mind, make a game of it.  Let your now toddler play with flushing the toilet and exploring your bathroom as if on a grand adventure.  While it’ll soon become more routine than adventure, the idea is to have him or her associate good feelings with every step of the process.

Start small with a potty chair and work up to using the toilet with a step-up stool. Further incentivize the new behavior with little rewards every time your child gets even part of it right, and raise the bar for giving out the rewards over time.

You can make it even easier by recognizing the signs that your child needs to use the bathroom and immediately taking him or her there.  Make sure to stay there until he or she is all done, since it may easily make your otherwise calm and cute kid antsy and upset if you leave during this crucial opportunity for potty training.

You can even use this “captive” time to read to your child or engage in other basic learning activities.  Again, keep it engaging and fun to positively reinforce the whole process.

Also remember that patience goes hand in hand with fun.  This is a whole new realm for your child, so if you show frustration or upset, your child will easily pick up on it and may feel embarrassed or ashamed to keep working at it.

Do these things in earnest and you may almost long for the potty training days again when they’re over.  After all, they grow up so fast, don’t they?  But at least you’ll know full well how to potty train your child if you ever have another one!

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