How to Organize a Kid’s Room

November 21st, 2009by admin

How to Organize a Kid's Room

With kids in the house and a growing number of toys, storage quickly becomes an issue, so you will have to consider how to organize a kid’s room. For some strange reason, most children are not born with the knack for organization. That means it’s up to us to start them down that path. But between toy boxes and shelves and other ways of hiding things away, you have plenty of choice.

Of course, your child is likely to have likes and dislikes that will dictate the theme that you follow for his or her room. There are many characters available on the furniture and many different colors.

When deciding how to organize a kid’s room, consider first the types of things that you need to store. If you have large items, you may not find boxes or shelves work at all. Instead, strong hooks or space at the edge of the room may work. Items could even be hung from the ceiling. (No, not the children, just the toys!)

As much as storage is important, so too is open space in which your child can play. Limiting the storage to the sides of the room leaves as large a play space open as possible.

Just as you want your child to help in keeping his or her room tidy, you need to support the effort. That doesn’t mean that you need to do it all yourself, but you do need to make it easy for him or her to do alone. Providing storage that is easy to reach and to open and close will make it easier for your little ones to use alone.

Though ease of use is important for younger kids especially, knowing that there is a place for everything that is easy to reach reduces the frustration for both the kids and the parents. It can help to have plenty of decently sized caddies available that are labeled with what they are to hold. If the child is too young to read, then picture labels can be made–and the child themselves can help. Kids generally love to be involved like this (at least until they become teenagers!).

When space is severely limited, it can help to buy a bed with storage underneath. These commonly use drawers, yet even a bed with an open space underneath can be used this way. Adding wheeled drawers in the space provides another means of organizing. Many kids choose to pick up their room by stuffing everything under the bed so this trick takes advantage of that natural tendency.

With a little work and a little time showing them how to do it, you can figure out an approach that works for both of you. It reduces the need to shout and to battle over untidiness, and will leave you happy that you gave a little time to think about it. Mothers have enough to do as it is, so anything that helps encourage the child to pick up after themselves is a very good thing. That’s why learning how to organize a kid’s room can be just the ticket to a better life for both of you.

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