How to Make a Diaper Cake

January 19th, 2013by admin

How to Make a Diaper Cake

Perhaps even before wondering how to make a diaper cake, you might first be puzzled over what a diaper cake even is. Granted, it can sure sound rather strange and funny at first.  If that’s where you are, you’re probably also thinking, “Surely nobody would eat a cake made out of diapers!”

And you’d be right.  A diaper cake is just a creative way someone (nobody really knows who) once thought of to give a soon-to-be Mom a whole load of diapers in a way that looks downright presentable at worst and maybe even delightfully stylish if done right.

In fact, they can be so stylish that commercial diaper cakes–the readymade ones you can order up with a swipe of the credit card–often cost a pretty penny.  But you can capture some of that class and add your own twists and accents on top of it if you’re willing to put in some work at home.  You might even have fun doing it if you consider how happy Mom will be when she sees your truly one-of-a-kind creation.

Click here for video instructions on how to make a diaper cake

So how to make a diaper cake?  It’s easy!

Start off by rolling diapers individually and wrapping each with a rubber band in the center.  Make sure that you use thick rubber bands so that they won’t break and undo your hard work.  This can easily happen during transport, so it’s worth spending just a wee bit more money for quality rubber bands.

Alright, once you’ve got seven diapers rolled up, we’re going to put them together into a large roll.  Note that you’ll need an extra large rubber band to hold them together.  Don’t attempt to stretch a smaller rubber band too far, because that again makes the whole cake more prone to falling apart later.  You’ve no doubt heard the sayings about a “house of cards,” and a cake of diapers ain’t much different!

This larger roll can be used as the top, with layers further down being even bigger.  But before you make those foundational diaper cake layers, you can spice things up by removing the middle diaper in the bunch and stuffing in a small gift wrapped in a showy piece of cloth or even an article of baby clothing itself.  This makes for a cool hidden surprise inside each layer instead of just diapers piled on top of diapers.  There’s not much exciting about that.

Once you’ve tickled yourself to satisfaction with your top layer, make another layer just like it.  Then wrap about fifteen diapers around that to make it a bigger circle, encircling the whole piece with a larger rubber band.  You can again add a snazzy hidden treasure into the middle for Mommy to find when she devours her diaper cake.

Finally, we’ve come to the cake’s base.  Make another middle layer as described above, and then pad it with about thirty more diapers to make for a very solid foundation.  You will also want to place the base on some sort of hard material, whether a cardboard cutout, a pizza pan, a plastic tray or whatever else your mind can conjure up.

Let your imagination run wild in deciding on that and any other special embellishments you want to include to make this work of art your very own.  After all, you wouldn’t dream of buying a food cake without frosting and decoration, would you?

That’s really all there is to it. Does it sound easier than you thought? Good!  That’ll give you some good mojo and momentum to take on the task and have fun with it.  And who knows…maybe you’ll enjoy it so much that you’ll think of a design nobody else has.  Then you can create your own tutorial on how to make a diaper cake to teach your “top-secret” techniques.

Click Here for some great training videos on how to make your diaper cake look amazing!

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